Radiology reviewers

Our panel of radiologists who have agreed to review images for the The BMJ before publication.

  • Chris Rowland-Hill (Hull, neuroradiology)
  • Giles Maskell (Truro, gastrointestinal radiology)
  • Dominic Blunt (London, abdominal radiology)
  • Giles Roditi (Glasgow, cardiovascular radiology)
  • Fergus Gleeson (Oxford, chest radiology)
  • Bruce Fox (Plymouth, abdominal radiology)
  • Richard Nakielny (Sheffield, oncology radiology)
  • Fiona Gilbert (Aberdeen, breast radiology)
  • Phil O'Connor (Leeds, musculoskeletal radiology)
  • David Kessel (Leeds, vascular/interventional radiology)
  • Paul Sidhu (London, abdominal/genito-urinary)
  • David C Howlett (East Sussex, head and neck/salivary glands, diagnostic ultrasound and ultrasound guided biopsy techniques, and symptomatic breast imaging)
  • Henry Tam (London, cross sectional imaging, nuclear medicine imaging, PET-CT). Henry is also series adviser for Spot Diagnosis.